Interlude: Dramas on My Brain

What will you be watching next season?

Trust me to get distracted while I’m trying to finish my roundup before everyone starts counting down to the New Year. It’s T-minus 2 hours now. (Write faster, Ellély -.-;)

Anyway, let’s all have a bit of fun while I bang out Part 2 of my roundup. And if it doesn’t make it up before 11:59pm today, happy new year everyone!

I am looking forward to:

My choices, which may or may not come as a surprise to anyone: 


Taira no Kiyomori: Tamaki Hiroshi! Daitoh! And a harem of Japan’s finest! Also interesting to note is that the writer is Fujimoto Yuki, who is responsible for the following: Galcir, Hanadan, Love Revolution and Love 2000 (Urgh but then again, she wasn’t the only writer on this project). So Taira could go either way. Hmm…dear God, please don’t let it suck.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun: I know a lot of people are watching this for the boys but I’m on this ship for Kim Min-seo. Loved her in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and I’ve always wanted to watch her in another drama but Baby-Faced Beauty just did not speak to me. Also this drama is based on a novel written by the author of SKKS and if her character is as fierce as Cho-sun, I’m going to be a happy camper.

Hungry!: This is going to be less intellectually challenging than a donut recipe but I want to get Miura Shohei out of my system. I am also curious to know whether this drama will change my mind about Mukai Osamu. It may be that I haven’t been watching the right shows but he’s had the same set of facial expressions and hair in all the dramas that I’ve seen him in. The only variable factor so far has been his character’s name so yes: decent actor or terribly lucky talento?

Shokuzai: AOI YU. Also, it will serve as an antidote to the mindless fluff that is Hungry.


Lucky Seven: Eita, yes. Detective drama, not so much. I’m not a big fan of the genre (where Japanese dramas are concerned) so I’ll wait to see what the consensus is before giving it a go.

Operation Proposal: Never had any desire to watch the Japanese drama but for some reason, this remake is calling out to me.

Fashion King: Yoo Ah-in’s pissy face during the script reading session cracked me up. If that was him channeling his character, count me in.


  1. My choices for K-drama to watch – Dream High 2 cause I loved DH1 and I want to see how actress Kang Sora survives in a drama dominated by k-idols. Only down side Kahi of After School. I find her too old for a k-idol ( I know life is cruel and mean) or maybe its just because she use to be Mickey Yoochun’s cuddling buddy. The Moon Embraces the Sun cause I’m a fusion sageuk junkie and its by the SKKS team and I can’t resist the flower boy pull of the two main leads ( still meh about the leading ladies).Wild Romance because I could use some in my life right now ( hides from hubby who is a darling) no really I like the two leads for the shallowest reasons.
    For j-dorama, I’m skipping the taiga this year again, since I haven’t finished Ryomanden which was epic in my drama list. Hungry because I love Osamu Mukai since I first saw him in that Hey Say Jump drama of high school kids headlined by the obiquitous it boy of JE Yamada kun. Am I the only fangurl who loved the movie Paradise Kiss because I thought Osamu Mukai as George totally rocked and had an amazing chemistry with Keiko Kitagawa. Ok so I’m the only one ( goes into a corner to sulk).Strawberry Nights cause I love detective stories and this one is headlined by a woman ( yey for gender sensitive castings) and Lucky Seven , not because of the obvious reasons like Matsujun and Eita but because I haven’t watched Nanako in a drama for the longest time. So there you have it chingu. This doesn’t auger well for my New Year’s Resolution to get a life outside of dramalaland. Happy New Year 2012 Dragon Year!

    1. Strawberry Nights cause I love detective stories and this one is headlined by a woman ( yey for gender sensitive castings)

      Well, I hope it works out for you! Japanese and Korean detective dramas are just not for me. I like Amami Yuki but I could not for the life of me get through the first episode of BOSS. And what was with the opening sequence? It made them look like they were working at a PR agency instead of for the police.

      Am I the only fangurl who loved the movie Paradise Kiss because I thought Osamu Mukai as George totally rocked and had an amazing chemistry with Keiko Kitagawa. Ok so I’m the only one ( goes into a corner to sulk).

      Lololol. Can’t help you there, chingu. Didn’t watch the movie though I did see pics of Osamu…is it just me or does he have the same hairdo in all his dramas and movies?

      But good god, six dramas. How are you going to find the time to sleep? o.O

      1. I love detective dramas- Korean (HIT), Japanese (Boss & more),HKG( I’ve watched all of them, name it I’ve seen it),Taiwanese ( check out Canadian Taiwanese hot babe Mark Chao in Black & White), Asian detective dramas are ah-mazing and eh-pic!

        Still loling at your Osamu’s same hair do comment but its a no! He had shocking white hair in that Butler drama Meichan no Shitsuji with Yamada Yu, Hiro Mizushima & Nana Eikura (she the “incest” girl who starred in I love my little sister and Mitsu no Aji, eewwwww!)

        Sleep, what sleep. I’ve been sleep-deprived since I started watching Asian dramas.I have a sexcret brew of green tea and honey w/ just a drop of alcohol to keep me awake!

      2. I await your verdict of the first episode then! :D I am counting down the hours to the premiere of Taira no Kiyomori. What are the chances that I’m setting myself up for disappointment? Maybe I should practise some reverse psychology…

        ETA: Btw, check out this preview of Lucky Seven if you haven’t:

        Eita and Jun shirtless and beating the crap out of each other. Talk about an aggressive publicity strategy…

  2. definitely watching The Moon that Embraces the Sun and Taira no Kiyomori. such epic-ness (cast-wise) cannot be missed! also keeping an eye out for Shokuzai and Strawberry Night.

      1. My verdict is in:
        k-drama The Moon Embraces the Sun- totally cracktastic. Cliffhanger 101 at every episode in sucking me into the blackhole of this fantasy sageuk. Loved the young Crown Prince Lee Hwon played by my child actor love Yeo Jin Goo, boy this boy is gonna go places. Now that the adult cast has taken over, its even more addicting. Kim Soo Hyun rocks the role of cold King, so I’m on the main leads ship for this one.

        Dream High 2 is one long music video!

        Wild Romance- dropped it after one episode, You know why.


        Hungry- Still watching it cause I’m a foodie and eye candies galore and yesh I still love Osamu Mukai though his acting rivals the ham on the menu.

        Strawberry Night- Shunin Himekawa the princess detective kicking ass leading an all male detective team. More realistic than the Boss. Loving every single gory infused episode.

        Lucky 7- totally disappointed with the slow pacing but will hang on for the love of Nanako( who’s in each episode for a total of 2 minutes), MatsuJun, Eita The plot revolves around a freeter who finally finds a job but he’s got a marshmallow heart so he goes way beyond the line of duty.

      2. I think the curse is working again. I haven’t touched most of the dramas that I tipped to be a ‘must watch’.

        Moon Sun: Will marathon after it’s ended its run.
        Dream High 2: Not bothering with this.
        Shut Up Flower Boy Band: My new crack.
        Operation Proposal: Don’t know if I have the time.


        Taira no Kiyomori: Skimmed through for Daito. Need subs.
        Hungry: Meh. I have a lot of problems with this one. I suspect this is partly because Mukai Osamu does nothing for me. But I’m glad you’re enjoying it :D
        Lucky 7: You find it slow, really? I skimmed through it raw and I thought the pacing was okay. Then again, I thought Fermentation Family was promising when I did the same. I’ll need to watch it with subs to make a proper assessment. Though from what I saw of the first episode, MatsuJun looks like he’s had one too many botox injections in his face.
        Shokuzai: Will marathon later.

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