Cyrano Dating Agency Premiere: Jang Geun Fug

So there’s this trendy Korean movie called Cyrano Dating Agency that’s been generating plenty of buzz for its cast of hot-to-trot stars Uhm Tae Woong, Lee Min Jung, Daniel Choi and Park Shin Hye. It held its VIP premiere on Sep 7, except that someone forgot to tell its cast members that they were attending a movie premiere, not an after-work drinks gathering.

Maybe times have changed but back in the old days, people used to dress up for movie premieres. These guys look like they just piled into a cab and high-tailed it from the office. Any minute now, one of them’s going to get a call from the client and they’re going to have to return their free booze, make their apologies and go back to work.

Seriously, you guys look so much sharper on the poster. Did someone forget to tell you that the dress code was ‘hot young thing’ and not ‘nine-to-five’? Okay, so this isn’t Cannes and you don’t have to come decked out in the latest couture, but really, a little effort please?

Also, is it just me or do Uhm Jung Hwa and Son Ye Jin look almost identical (apart from the fact that one looks more orange than the other)?

And finally, we have this: Jang Geun Suk, you kill me. I’m all for being fashion forward and I can appreciate that you dress to the beat of your own quirky and unique personality, but when people start mistaking you for an auntie, it’s time you had a word with your stylist.

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