Ouran Manga Extras: Divining Ootori Kyouya’s Future

I know I’ve been horribly remiss about updating this blog but this is what happens when you’re going through a drama slump -.-;;;;;;

Anyway, I’m sure anyone who’s been reading this blog long enough knows my fondness for a certain Host Club member. The Viz edition of Volume 18 hasn’t been released yet but I’m sure most fans have read Omari’s Sister’s translation of the final installment online.

My understanding of Hatori’s notes is a little different from Omari’s Sister’s so I’ve decided to include my (flawed) translation here to supplement theirs. There can never be too much written about Kyouya in my opinion :D 

Translation source: Omari’s Sister’s Anime and Manga Blog (omaris-sister.blogspot.com)

My translation: Even though there were readers who wanted to know whether Kyouya would succeed his father, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to resolve this issue and that I’d be able to end his story like this.

This is because the question of his succession is something that will happen only very much later in the future; at any rate, what is truly important is Kyouya’s own feelings regarding the matter and I think this is what readers are really concerned about. Even though this has already been touched upon in the manga, I’d like to look at this in greater detail, hence the reason for the special chapter (she’s referring to the Barcelona supplement.)

* By the way, Hatori feels that even though Kyouya’s talent is likely to be acknowledged, there’s also the possibility that he might choose not to succeed his father in the end. This is because he seems to prefer working in the shadows. (laughs)

Finally, even though Kyouya will probably choose a wife based on her merit to his family, wouldn’t it be nice if things went against his expectations and love blossomed instead? :D


*sniff* All I know is that whoever Kyouya chooses to marry is sure to be one heck of a woman. I cannot imagine him putting up with a dimwit no matter how advantageous their union might prove to be. I also think that watching him fall in love is going to be pretty epic. Despite behaving like he has a calculator for a heart, Kyouya is actually someone with a great capacity for compassion and love (though granted, this is reserved for a very select few) even though he’d rather die than admit it. As Volume 11 of the manga has demonstrated, his cool detachment is just a front — he is, in reality, a very passionate young man. And while there’s no way he’s as dense as Tamaki or Haruhi when it comes to the affairs of the heart, I’m pretty sure when he falls in love, it’s going to catch him unawares and pull the whole damn red carpet from under his feet all the same. He may not be a romantic in the conventional sense but I’m willing to bet that this Ootori’s got some moves of his own. It’s going to be epic. Hatori-sensei, please write this story! *paws at her feet*

Having said that, I think it’s fitting that Kyouya’s future isn’t as clear cut as the rest of his friends. As a character, he’s always been shrouded in ambiguity and while I have no doubt that he will be successful in whichever industry he chooses to conquer (for Kyouya, it’s really total domination or nothing…*sweatdrop*), he’s also someone who enjoys the thrill of a challenge. While his current goal is to surpass his two older brothers and succeed his father’s business empire, it is possible that he might just change his mind once he achieves this and realises that there’s a whole world out there for him to conquer. Based on my understanding of the Barcelona special, it looks like Kyouya has identified his father as the person he has to surpass next. I’m not sure if Tamaki actually realises the full extent of his actions when he convinced Kyouya he had the ability to surpass his brothers that fateful day. One day the host club members will all be enslaved by him and they’ll know who to thank ^^;

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